The reasons for using a test booster are simple. Increased athletic performance, muscle gain, fat loss, libido, a veritable laundry list of desirable masculine traits. Now if only it were so simple to find one that works…

I’m sure I’m not alone in seeming to have tried virtually every ingredient or product claimed to boost testosterone, from A to Z. I’ve lost count of those that did nothing, but some really do work!

And from those, I’ve narrowed it to the top 3…the pick of the litter. I’ve reviewed them below and more than that, I got myself tested and ranked them by 30 day before and after testosterone level BLOODWORK.

My 30-Day Testosterone Level Increase:
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Core Nutritionals Core ALPHA

Core Test

Core Nutritionals has produced the best standalone testosterone booster on the market. Core ALPHA takes the products that gave me the best bloodwork and results, D-Aspartic Acid and Erase, includes a full dose of them and adds a few ingredients to take that unbeatable combination to the next level. The result? 48% testosterone increase in 30 days!!!

Ingredients/Mechanism of Action:

From my D-Aspartic Acid and PES Erase review:

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is an amino acid that has been building some serious momentum in the supplement industry. It increases luteinizing hormone, which directly signals the testes to produce more testosterone. The numbers backing that science are there…it has independent lab studies on humans (not rats or some other lab animal) and user reports from those like myself showing significantly elevated testosterone levels.

When your testosterone levels are raised, which DAA WILL clearly do, estrogen levels also rise in the body as a result. High estrogen will seriously hamper many of the benefits of elevated testosterone such as improved body composition and athletic performance. DAA in particular is known for producing large estrogen increases…and that’s where Erase comes in. Erase is designed to stop your body from producing excess estrogen, while not impacting the testosterone increases from the D-Aspartic Acid.

Here is where Core ALPHA gets clever, with the introduction of Coleus forskohlii (extracted for 20% Forskolin). What Forskolin does is increase cAMP, a messenger of the endocrine system. Why is this important? The chief limiting factors in testosterone production are luteinizing hormone (LH) and available cholesterol. Firstly, increasing cAMP levels stimulates a protein called StAR, which improves the transfer of cholesterol, thereby making the testosterone production process more efficient. Secondly, it up-regulates luteinizing hormone, effectively making the stimulation of luteinizing hormone by DAA all that much more potent. And as a welcome bonus, those increased cAMP levels increase lipolysis (fat burning), providing increased energy and the potential for fat loss, especially if being used in a caloric deficit diet.

Core ALPHA includes another aromatase inhibitor, Brassaiopsis Glomerulata, on top of Erase to further support estrogen balance. Mucuna Pruriens (L-DOPA), is also added to counter potential increases in prolactin, which like estrogen, can affect some when using DAA. 

Core ALPHA also includes the all-around powerhouse vitamin D. Healthy vitamin D levels have been correlated with virtually every conceivable health marker you can think of. It is also one of the most commonly deficient nutrients, even amongst those who have it included in their multivitamins, which rarely include enough of it. As you can imagine, correcting this deficiency has numerous advantages, as evidenced by studies showing vitamin D supplementation to increase testosterone levels (as well as increase fat loss). Lastly, the product has zinc, yet another commonly deficient vitamin and one that can have a dramatic impact on testosterone levels as well.

Now that we’ve disposed of the science:

Initial Observations:

Core ALPHA could not be more convenient. Take 2 capsules per day, one before working out and one at bedtime, or both at bed time, making a bottle last 28 days. L-Dopa is known for improving sleep quality, providing a nice benefit to the nighttime dosing. You should take the capsules on an empty stomach for best results (1 hour before or 2 hours after eating), though I’ve not been quite so strict with the timing, often taking them 15-30 minutes before eating and still seeing results.

You really appreciate the speed and simplicity of this all-in-one solution once you are no longer dealing with different pills and mixing powder (especially for those who find the taste of DAA to be an issue).

As when I took DAA and Erase, I started feeling it kick in very quickly, within the first week in fact. However, as I mentioned in my previous DAA review, some people find it takes a bit longer, even up to 3 weeks, for things to start kicking in.

General Observations/Mood/Libido:

By and large, my general observations using Core ALPHA match up with DAA and Erase, as one would expect since they are the two primary ingredients.

From my D-Aspartic Acid and PES Erase review:

Mood was certainly the first indication that DAA had properly kicked in. It was that unmistakable alpha male feeling, full of aggression, vitality, energy, well-being and confidence, that let me know my testosterone was on the rise.  I was sleeping much better/deeper as well. Why can’t we all feel this way all the time damnit!

Actually, there’s probably a very good reason: libido. Mine was completely insatiable, maybe even to the limit of unhealthily so, although you won’t find me complaining, I thought it was a fun few weeks on the stuff. I could have put Russell Brand to shame. Some guys I know don’t get the crazy libido boost while still having the product work for them, so your mileage may vary.

Because of the decreased estrogen levels caused by Erase, I experienced far less water retention than normal. I immediately looked and felt so much drier and firmer, as though all the water weight I normally keep was sucked out (actually, pissed out is more accurate).

Workout Performance and Recovery:

The proving grounds…this is where I wanted Forskolin especially to strut it’s stuff. I know what to expect from DAA and Erase, and they already set the bar pretty high. For those who haven’t read my DAA/Erase review:

I’ve always found myself straining through high volume workout routines designed for muscular growth, even while on creatine and beta-alanine. I simply couldn’t do the amount of reps I was suppose to do without very long rests between sets and even then I was struggling. That changed with DAA: I managed to keep squeezing out those reps until I hit my mark. I think this is because my recovery was infinitely better than it usually is and as a result my muscles felt much fresher from workout to workout.

So what did I notice with Core ALPHA? Just an overall enhancement in my performance. My rate of increase in strength went up, meaning I was able to work through my programs and get to higher reps and weights quicker than on just DAA and Erase alone. My recovery was just as good, if not better than DAA/Erase, since the higher my testosterone, the more protein synthesis (and therefore recovery) increases. Once I started seeing this, I was already expecting the bloodwork to crown a new #1, as it has done.

My pumps were very solid with great vascularity, right in line with my experiences with DAA and Erase. My energy levels were never in question, making it real easy to go in and get my workouts done without the need for a pre-workout product/stimulants.

Body Composition/Appearance:

As much as I enjoyed those great workouts, what you probably want to know is whether I saw results, and namely, how those results compared to DAA and Erase alone.

Just as with DAA and Erase, I put on roughly a pound a week. And I know little to none of that was water weight since I was as dry as can be from using PES Erase. Hardly enough to be mistaken for a steroid user, but a very very solid result nonetheless.

But here is the difference. My body fat calipers said that my body fat percentage went down. In other words, not only was I gaining muscle, I was also losing some fat. I certainly wasn’t expecting that since I was on a caloric surplus diet, albeit a “lean bulk.”

And best of all, those results showed in the mirror. Not only was I bigger, but I also just a little bit leaner too. The fat loss results were nowhere near as marked as when in a cutting phase, but any fat loss whatsoever in a bulk is more than welcome from me.


From my D-Aspartic Acid and PES Erase review:

While there aren’t any long-term studies on using D-Aspartic Acid or PES Erase, prescription testosterone and anti-estrogen medication have been used for many years. They are considered safe and in fact used to help treat health conditions in many people.

As for the products themselves, all of the short-term studies and anecdotal reports suggest they are perfectly safe and carry little to no side-effects. Most of the side-effects DAA users report, like low sex drive and bloating, are due to high estrogen levels, which can be prevented by taking an anti-estrogen like Erase. Most people, including myself, who use this combination have experienced no ill-effects. I have used them multiple times, had bloodwork taken and all is well with me.

It’s important to note that everyone’s baseline estrogen levels vary. If your estrogen level becomes too low, you may feel some mild joint pain while using PES Erase. If that occurs, simply dial back your Erase dose, i.e. if you were taking 3 caps/day, take 2 caps/day.

As for forskolin, the only potential side effect is that some people experience GI discomfort. It is worth noting that I have a pretty sensitive stomach and did not have any issues, but your mileage may vary. If you experience any problems, either spreading out or lowering your dose of Core ALPHA should alleviate the problem.

There are no side effects to the supplementation of safe levels of vitamin D. The government rather conservatively lists the tolerable upper limit of vitamin D supplementation to 4000 IU, well above the 3000 IU of vitamin D in Core ALPHA, so it is well within that safe range.

Core ALPHA states you shouldn’t use it for longer than 8 weeks with a minimum 4 week break before continuing use. It’s important to respect this restriction and allow the body sufficient rest from the altered hormone levels.


Core ALPHA is my new go-to product, with its 48% 30-day testosterone increase representing a 5% increase compared to DAA+Erase. The addition of forskolin provides great synergy with DAA, and it showed both in the gym and in the results in the mirror. Not only was I able to gain roughly a pound a week, I also lost a small bit of fat at the same time. While you may not experience this slight fat loss, which is likely high dependent on individual diet and workouts, you can be well assured to see great muscle gain with the lipolysis ensuring minimal if any fat gain with a reasonable diet.

Core ALPHA comes in at $55.99 for a month’s supply, although with free shipping on any order containing Core ALPHA (a $6 savings), the cost is effectively $50. Factor in that vitamin D and zinc supplementation is worth doing year-round, and the deal is even better. While it is your decision whether you want to spend the extra versus just DAA+Erase, which costs $36.88, I would recommend you do so.

Moreover, for those intending to use a test booster in a fat loss cycle, Core ALPHA represents a considerable upgrade to DAA+Erase with forskolin’s fat loss properties, in addition to vitamin D showing correlation to testosterone and fat loss.

Buy Core ALPHA for $55.99

Please reply with any questions or comments you may have and I will do my best to respond to them.

34 Responses to “Core Nutritionals Core ALPHA”

  1. Ty says:

    Does the Core Test already have the double ingredients (A-aspartic acid & PES erase) n it, or do I need to purchase these items along with Core Test????

    • admin says:

      Hey Ty,

      No need to buy anything else, Core TEST is all-in-one. Full dose of DAA and Erase along with a nice dose of forskolin and vitamin d, all included.

  2. Rick says:

    Great review. I had read your other review about the DAA/erase stack, and after having purchased two tubs of DAA, I bought Erase to counter the effects of estrogen. I think at about the 2nd week, I noticed the elevated mood, more of an alpha status–but not an a–hole status! (I had this feeling last year, albeit under different circumstances.) Now, it’s back.

    I’m noticing an increase in weight, somewhere in line with what you experienced. I still have a mini-belly, mostly from having boozed too much in my 20s, and because I’m eating like a horse. Clean stuff though, no fast food and only lean meats, etc.

    I’m curious as to whether or not I might be seeing similar results to what you had with Core Test. I say this because before I started the DAA/Erase stack, I had been supplementing with vitamin D3 and coleus. I upped the dosage on D3 after reading about its benefits, especially regarding weightlifting. As with the coleus, I heard it was a good promoter of natural testosterone and while taking it, noticed a more trim belly and lovehandles–but that’s when I was limiting carbs.

    I’m only taking Erase twice a day, to 1) limit the chance of joint pain and 2) make the bottle last roughly 7.5 weeks. My dosage of D3 = 3 pills @ 4000 IU’s, bringing it up to 12,000. As for coleus, I take 2 pills, twice daily, which comes out to 500mg worth (each pill = 125 mg, standardized to 10%)

    But I am loving the mood elevation and have seen some strength increases. I’m trying to push it further, while staying safe. For some reason, I get stronger the more I workout, yet limit my training to under an hour.

    • admin says:

      Hey Rick,

      I appreciate the comment and am glad to see DAA/Erase is working out for you. From what I can see, I would say your stack does a pretty decent job replicating what Core Test would do. Obviously the dose of Erase is a bit higher with Core Test than your 2 pill/day dosing, which affects things a bit, but you sound like you are on the right track. I like the alpha, but not a-hole distinction, I find that to be the case as well.

      As for the fat loss: For just about everybody (including me), the mini-belly/little bit of fat gain is pretty much inevitable on a bulk. I was flat out shocked when I saw myself leaning during this run of Core Test and I’m somebody who usually pushes the calorie levels pretty lean as it is(as opposed to some friends of mine that are 7000 kcal+ daily on a bulk). I’m not sure whether you’ll notice too much leaning, but I’m confident in saying forskolin will definitely help keep that mini-belly in check until cutting time.

  3. Brian says:

    I’m curious to know wether or not this supplement would affect me negatively if mixed with a beta-blocker? I take a beta-blocker for a dysrhythmia I have(Premature Ventricular Contraction), but I want to continue to workout and be active. I’d love some feedback on this apart from what I’ve read online. The doctors I’ve spoken with have said that I can still workout, but I’m wondering if the use of supplements would be a no-no? I haven’t gotten a straight answer on this thus far.

    • admin says:

      Hi Brian,

      I can imagine it is tough to get a straight answer, people like to err on the side of caution. I’m sure just about everything you’ve seen says “do not take if you have a heart condition.” I would say research products, don’t try too many new things at once, stay away from products that can mess with blood pressure (stimulants and the like), and pay attention to how whatever you are taking is affecting you.

      As for test boosters, I don’t foresee a problem with you taking DAA and Erase (but NOT Core Test – Forskolin can lower blood pressure in some people). However, you should pay attention to how it affects your body since I have seen testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) cause high blood pressure in some people (although I have also seen it prescribed to patients on beta blockers). This may be because TRT causes rather drastic hormone level changes as opposed to the more gradual and reasonable changes you get from products like DAA.

  4. Mike says:

    Im 3 weeks in on the DAA/ Erase stack and was considering going to Core Test for the last 4 weeks of the 8 week cycle. Do you think this is a good idea or should I just stay with the 8 week cycle of DAA and Erase?
    I’m getting some good results as far as strength gains and the ability to crank out more reps. I did gain roughly 2 lbs.

    • admin says:

      Hey Mike,

      Good to see you are getting results. It always pisses me off when I feel that boost slipping away right after I go off cycle.

      It wouldn’t hurt to go with Core Test for the last month of your cycle. Your DAA and Erase doses will still be the same, so no change there. And the 4 weeks should be enough time to gauge whether you notice any additional effects from the forskolin, which would help you decide what to go with for the full 8 weeks next time.

  5. Mike says:

    In adition to the above… My protien powder ON, also contains roughly 2.5 grams of DAA per serving. I take two servings per day. With the addition of 5 grams of Primaforce DAA, am I taking too much?

  6. Sean says:

    Very nice reviews. Your site is actually the reason I chose to run a cycle Core Test. Im starting the cycle today and running it for 60 days. I hope to have the results you had. To check out my precycle bloodwork, stack, etc, check out the log I just started on BB.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sean,

      Thank you for the compliment. I always love logs with bloodwork, so I’ll definitely keep up with it. From your numbers, there’s no doubt a testosterone boost will do you a world of good, I’m fairly confident you’ll see that 15% increase, in fact I would hope to see your total test climb into the 600s, but we’ll see I suppose. Free test should rise up in accordance with the total test. And I have no doubt Erase will keep your estradiol levels in check, awesome compound.

      By the way, you can count me in the group that enjoys the beta alanine tingles. I have some friends who don’t, so they tend to spread their doses throughout the day.

      • Sean says:

        Thanks for replying. Yea, the energy B-Alanine delivers far surpasses that feeling and Ive decided to remain at the 2 servings of Intrabolic during working out.

        Have you researched Anotest at all by Muscletech? Just got a few samples today. I won’t try them until after my Core Test cycle obviously but this is the first time I’ve come across it. The package says its new but I found that already has a few hundred reviews on it so maybe the samples are just old lol. It uses D-Aspartic, L-Carnitine, boron citrate and zinc to raise T and it also has a few estrogen lowering ingredients.

        You have a great website here. Keep it up. And sorry for the novel.

        • admin says:

          I have not used Anotest, but looking at the formula, I don’t see a reason to either. I say that because there is no way any of those ingredients are going to give you the kind of strong anti-estrogen effect I would want when using DAA nor are they going to affect the level of testosterone increase in a significant way (DAA will be doing all the heavy lifting).

          I’m sticking by my guns: if I’m going to add something to DAA, it’s going to be Erase. From there, I’ve found Forskolin to be useful to help the DAA along and help me stay lean while I’m at it (hence why I love Core TEST). I also think Activate Xtreme and DAA/Erase stack really well too (the standardized nettle lowers SHBG, increasing free test and the L-Dopa reduces the chance of DAA side effects), but that combination is a bit too expensive to recommend to most people ($70+/mo).

          • Sean says:

            Thanks for the reply. My dad ran a cycle of Activate Xtreme and had a great turnout – just no bloodwork to prove so :(

            I will consider an AE/CT stack for the next cycle (assuming I end up staying with CT)

  7. Travis says:

    First off, great reviews! Thanks for that! I’m 30 y/o, haven’t worked out in a number of years and I have low test as it is. I’m looking to start back with the P90X (this is because I spend close to 300 days a year on the road and a gym or weight equipment just aren’t an option) to burn fat and trim back up. I have been looking for a good test booster supplement for a while now to help with what is already low. Do you think it would be a good idea to go ahead and start on Core Test in addition to a fat burner like Lean EFX (have used it before with great all around results) or should I just stick with one or the other? I appreciate the help!

    • Travis says:

      Also, have you had any experience with’s Alpha Protocol?

      • admin says:

        Hey Travis,

        I like the idea behind the product. I have been waiting for somebody to combine DAA with an SHBG lowering ingredient. Unfortunately, the one I wanted to see them use was Divanil (the ingredient in Activate Xtreme) which has lots of science and bloodwork showing just how good it is at raising free testosterone.

        My experience with Testofen was that it wasn’t so potent as far as physical effects, but it packs a serious punch in the libido department. I haven’t run Long Jack solo, only as part of BioForge, but it looks seriously underdosed in Alpha Protocol.

        I would give it a pass. DAA+Erase is a better combination at the $35 price point, and even at the $55 Alpha Protocol + Erase price point, Core Test gets my vote, especially in your case due to it’s fat loss properties.

    • admin says:

      Hey Travis,

      I think Core Test and Lean EFX (or most any potent stimulant fat burner) stack well with one another. Increasing testosterone levels in a cut has been shown to aid fat loss and it will also help you keep more muscle than you otherwise would in addition to improving your mood. The forskolin in Core Test adds an effective non-stimulant fat loss pathway on top of Lean EFX too.

      Also, P90X is a great program for your goals, it WILL help you cut weight/trim up. It’s when you want to start putting on mass that it becomes a bit more of a challenge.

  8. pat says:

    I just order core test for my 2nd cycle, the first one went great !!!! everything you stated would happen did happen. core nutritionals recomeds 3-4 week break between cycles. What would happen if we went with the minimum 3 week break? Im excited to see where I end up after a 2nd cycle.

    • admin says:

      Hey Pat,

      Awesome to hear you enjoy Core Test as much as I do.

      As far as cycle length, the 3-4 week recommendation is just an estimated time it would take for your body to return your hormone levels to baseline. If you ignore the cycle breaks, you risk supplements being not as effective. With that said, the 3 week minimum suggestion is likely enough for things to come more or less back to normal, so you should be fine with that.

  9. Wannabe says:

    Hey man, thanks for posting all these detailed reviews. I tried the DAA+PES stack and saw good results, and now I’m interested to try the Core Test.

    Quick question: does the meal I take the DAA with need to contain fat? I work out first thing in the morning, so my first meal is usually all protein/carbs and no fats (e.g. oatmeal) and I reserve my first meal with fats for after training. I’d like to receive the maximum benefit from the supplement, and just curious if it matters whether it is taken with fats.

    I ask because I used to take all my vitamins with my first meal, but I learned some vitamins (A, D, E, and K) are fat-soluble. I wasn’t reaping any benefit from these vitamins as they weren’t digestable apart from fats. So I reserve these vitamins for consumption with a meal containing fats.

    Just curious if DAA is fat-soluble or if I’m good to go taking it without fats. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words; I’m happy to see DAA is working out for you.

      As for your question, DAA is water soluble so you are fine taking it without fats.

  10. John says:

    Hi i found your page a little late. But after a bit of research i bought D-pol and Triazole. Have you ever tried this combination? I guess it is similiar to DAA/Erase but i am hoping more effective because of the added vit D in D-pol. What are your thoughts.
    Also my Testosterone is low (tested) Obviously when i am on the cycle it should hopefully rise but once off will there be any lingering benifits or will it just go back to what it was pre cycle.

    • admin says:

      Hey John,

      That’s not a bad stack – like you said, it should be quite similar to DAA/Erase. I like Triazole quite a bit, I just find Erase to be just as effective for a lower price. The big difference you would notice with D-pol versus other DAA products is much stronger pumps, courtesy of the nitrates.

      As for lingering benefits, I would expect your testosterone levels will return to baseline after a couple of weeks after stopping use. Remember that DAA/Erase/Triazole aren’t products that should be taken continuously, you will need to cycle them and give your body a break .

      Things you could take on a long-term basis that might help your testosterone levels would be Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, fish oil – basically products that can address underlying deficiencies. Of course, the testosterone gain from these supplements is unlikely to be anywhere near as high as with DAA unless you have a major deficiency, but every little bit helps.

  11. John says:

    Hi again,
    Thanks for your prompt informative answer to my last mesage. I have just one more question. I am not sure about when to start the Triazole. Should i wait a week after starting the D-pol and then do an extra week of just Triazole at the end. Or should i just start taking both at the same time. Also after a little research i found that Triazole does not have a cortisol blocker like erase. Is there a good cortisol blocker i can buy cheaply to add to my cycle.
    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hello again John,

      It’s easiest to simply start Triazole and D-pol at the same time.

      As for cortisol, Relora is a pretty good supplement that I have used before at a nice price point. The dosage on the label (600 mg to 900mg/day) should do you fine. It is more a cortisol regulator than an anti-cortisol like phosphatidyl serine (PS) or Erase, but that regulation will still give you some good mood effects, improved sleep and may help prevent any stress related weight gain. Besides, PS is very expensive at the dose you would need to take.

      You can also try ErgoBolic, which I’ve heard good things about, but I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak for it personally.

  12. Robert keville says:

    62 year old male with over 15 years of successful powerlifting experience. Sidelined for last four years due to back issues. Beginning to get back into it. Question; Is Core Test an effective product for older males and are there studies with empirical data to validate claims? My second question is, and I mean no disrespect, are you compensated in any way for your reviews?
    Best Regards
    Bob Keville
    AMDS, Inc.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bob,

      Sorry to hear about the back issues; it’s knees with me.

      Many older males have used DAA based products successfully, the mechanisms don’t stop working with age. Of course, how well a job it does depends what condition your testes are in, since they are doing the job of increasing testosterone (as opposed to testosterone therapy or steroids which are directly providing the hormones).

      As for studies:

      Core Test’s main ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid, came into use in bodybuilding on the back of a human study. There are some other studies out there as well, and it’s since been used by many with plenty of bloodwork and user reports validating those results.

      Here is a Vitamin D study supporting its testosterone related effects. Not a huge increase for most, but it’s cheap, commonly deficient and is good for improving just about every health marker, so it’s good to have it.

      There are a number of human studies on forskolin out there as well, such as this one backing its viability for use with regard to testosterone and fat loss.

      Erase studies are harder to find, but here is an in vitro study showing the compounds in the Erase family strongly inhibiting aromatase. I’ve taken Erase by itself and gotten bloodwork and seen bloodwork from others proving it does what it claims.

      And to your last question – I am not paid by any of the companies who make these products to promote them. I couldn’t stand to recommend stuff I don’t believe in or haven’t used. People deserve better than somebody pushing overpriced run of the mill stuff, so I choose what to review based on what I know from experience works better than anything else, in the gym and on the tests.

      I hope that answers everything.

  13. Mike says:

    Hi, I thought I would update you on my experience with Core Test. I just finished up 60 days an experienced similar effects you mentioned. It did seem the first thing I noticed was improved sleep. The better recovery took awhile almost 4-6 weeks in. I also ordered blood work one day before starting CT and at the end of the 60 days. I was pleased with the results. This is the first time I broke 600 in total test. Both my total and free test increased about 31%. My estradiol, however increased 10%. I guess not surprising with the increase in test. I’m going to take 30 days off and start another run of Core Test stacked with Activate Extreme. I’m hoping the AE will help me get to even more than a 30% test increase and the additional estrogen blocker will prevent anymore than a 10% increase in estradiol. Do you still recommend stacking AE with CT? Thanks for the great site.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      Just back from holiday break and I got to say I’m thrilled you saw results! As for your question, I still really like AE with Core Test, but not for additional estradiol reduction. I like it primarily for Divanil’s ability to increase the amount of total testosterone converted to free testosterone with the added bonus of L-Dopa’s ability to complement DAA’s hormone changes and potentially increase total testosterone.

      If you are interested in keeping estradiol further in check, I would buy a separate bottle of Erase and just take an an additional cap or two as needed on top of the Core Test. You’ll know you are dosing too much if you start feeling some joint pain. As an added bonus, the more you depress estrogen, the more the body tries to compensate by creating more testosterone, so increasing your dose of Erase will indirectly raise your total testosterone levels as well, although not by much (I saw about a 10% increase when I used full dose Erase for 30 days solo).

  14. Brandon says:


    Just finished a cycle of AE as a standalone. I have to say I really like the results. It really elevated my mood, and I got a noticed increase in strength. I may give Core Test a try. Just curious, what happened to Bioforge, it appears to be discontinued? And is it oaky to stack 2g of Beta A and 6 grams of Citrulline with Core Test?


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