The reasons for using a test booster are simple. Increased athletic performance, muscle gain, fat loss, libido, a veritable laundry list of desirable masculine traits. Now if only it were so simple to find one that works…

I’m sure I’m not alone in seeming to have tried virtually every ingredient or product claimed to boost testosterone, from A to Z. I’ve lost count of those that did nothing, but some really do work!

And from those, I’ve narrowed it to the top 3…the pick of the litter. I’ve reviewed them below and more than that, I got myself tested and ranked them by 30 day before and after testosterone level BLOODWORK.

My 30-Day Testosterone Level Increase:
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D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and PES Erase

D-Aspartic Acid and PES Erase

OK, yeah, I’m technically cheating by using 2 products together (even though each product has just one ingredient). But the synergy is unbeatable and together they still cost less or the same as any top standalone testosterone booster. And with a 43% testosterone increase in 30 days…the results speak for themselves.

Ingredients/Mechanism of Action:

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is an amino acid that has been building some serious momentum in the supplement industry. It increases luteinizing hormone, which directly signals the testes to produce more testosterone. The numbers backing that science are there…it has independent lab studies on humans (not rats or some other lab animal) and user reports from those like myself showing significantly elevated testosterone levels. You feel it too, my workout and sport performance increases were on enough of a higher level for people to ask what I was taking. Oh yeah, and it costs a paltry $13 for a month’s supply, that bang for the buck simply can’t be beat. However…

When your testosterone levels are raised, which DAA WILL clearly do, estrogen levels also rise in the body as a result. High estrogen will seriously hamper many of the benefits of elevated testosterone such as improved body composition and athletic performance. DAA in particular is known for producing large estrogen increases…and that’s where PES Erase comes in. PES Erase is designed to stop your body from producing excess estrogen, while not impacting the testosterone increases from the D-Aspartic Acid.

Alright, enough with the science (at least for the most part), how about I talk about my actual experience using DAA and PES Erase.

Initial Observations:

D-Aspartic Acid: DAA comes in powder form. The instructions are as simple as it gets, take 1 scoop (3 grams) of powder once a day with the first meal of the day. It does have a noticeable chalky and bitter taste. It’s not so bad that its undrinkable in my opinion, but some people I know mix it with orange juice, which masks the taste perfectly. The effects, which I’ll get into below, kicked in very quickly (within a week). I know some others for whom it took a bit longer for them to “feel” DAA working, even up to 3 weeks in some rare cases.

PES Erase: Erase comes with 90 capsules in a bottle. The recommended dose is 3 caps a day, making each bottle last 30 days. There should be a 4-8 hour gap between each cap taken and it doesn’t matter whether it’s taken with or without food. Just like DAA, it kicked in extremely quickly, maybe even faster than DAA.

I’ve used Erase alone in the past before using it with DAA so it was easy to recognize when each supplement was kicking in by the effects I was noticing.

General Observations/Mood/Libido:

Mood was certainly the first indication that DAA had properly kicked in. It was that unmistakable alpha male feeling, full of aggression, vitality, energy, well-being and confidence, that let me know my testosterone was on the rise.  I was sleeping much better/deeper as well. Why can’t we all feel this way all the time damnit!

Actually, there’s probably a very good reason: libido. Mine was completely insatiable, maybe even to the limit of unhealthily so, although you won’t find me complaining, I thought it was a fun few weeks on the stuff. I could have put Russell Brand to shame. Some guys I know don’t get the crazy libido boost while still having the product work for them, so your mileage may vary.

Because of the decreased estrogen levels caused by Erase, I experienced far less water retention than normal. I immediately looked and felt so much drier and firmer, as though all the water weight I normally keep was sucked out (actually, pissed out is more accurate).

Workout Performance and Recovery:

The alpha male mood is fun and all but that’s not what I was taking a test booster for: I want results. My diet has always been on point so it was just a matter of bringing it in the gym.

I’ve always found myself straining through high volume workout routines designed for muscular growth, even while on creatine and beta-alanine. I simply couldn’t do the amount of reps I was suppose to do without very long rests between sets and even then I was struggling. That changed with DAA: I managed to keep squeezing out those reps until I hit my mark. I think this is because my recovery was infinitely better than it usually is and as a result my muscles felt much fresher from workout to workout.

I may have promised no more science above, but I believe the increased recovery is due the increased protein synthesis resulting from elevated testosterone levels.

I also experienced some great pumps and vascularity while using DAA and Erase. The energy from the elevated testosterone removed any need to take a pre-workout stimulant for those days when I would have came in tired or disinterested.

Body Composition/Appearance:

This is probably what you’ve come to read: did I look different?

Well, solid diet, great workouts, body in an anabolic state: there can really only be one result.

Yeah, I put on some size. Roughly a pound a week. And I know little to none of that was water weight since I was as dry as can be from using PES Erase. Hardly enough to be mistaken for a steroid user, but a very very solid result nonetheless.

The best part of it all is the quality of the weight gained. Normally, when I bulk, I either barely gain any weight at all or I gain a nearly equal amount of fat and muscle or even more fat than muscle. There’s no middle ground no matter what I do. This time, the calipers said my body fat percentage barely increased at all. In other words, I gained a few pounds and nearly all of it was muscle.

I looked great in the mirror, clearly showing increased muscle mass with great muscle tone and vascularity to boot. And others noticed too, I definitely got some people asking what I had been doing.


While there aren’t any long-term studies on using D-Aspartic Acid or PES Erase, prescription testosterone and anti-estrogen medication have been used for many years. They are considered safe and in fact used to help treat health conditions in many people.

As for the products themselves, all of the short-term studies and anecdotal reports suggest they are perfectly safe and carry little to no side-effects. Most of the side-effects DAA users report,  like low sex drive and bloating, are due to high estrogen levels, which can be prevented by taking an anti-estrogen like Erase. Most people, including myself, who use this combination have experienced no ill-effects. I have used them multiple times, had bloodwork taken and all is well with me.

It’s important to note that everyone’s baseline estrogen levels vary. If your estrogen level becomes too low, you may feel some mild joint pain while using PES Erase. If that occurs, simply dial back your Erase dose, i.e. if you were taking 3 caps/day, take 2 caps/day.

Both DAA and Erase state you shouldn’t use them for longer than 8 weeks with a minimum 4 week break before continuing use. It’s important to respect these restrictions and allow the body sufficient rest from the altered hormone levels.


I’ve come back to this combination time and time since my very successful first experience with it which I’ve described in my review above. It has now been taken to the next level by my new #1 ranked product, Core ALPHA, which combines these ingredients with a couple others, but the combination is still very effective all on it’s own (though I do recommend you give Core ALPHA a shot if you want the absolute best results).

DAA and Erase has given me better results in the gym, in the mirror and in the bloodwork than anything else I’ve tried (and that’s a LOOONNNGG list). And coming in under $40 / month, $12.99 for the D-Aspartic Acid and $23.89 for PES Erase, I consider the price fair and affordable considering the results you get in such a short period of time.

Please reply with any questions or comments you may have and I will do my best to respond to them.

75 Responses to “D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and PES Erase”

  1. bob saunders says:

    can you take the d-apartic and the bioforge at the same time….a stack….they seemed to work in two different ways and with the erase should be fine…? thoughts?

    • admin says:

      Hi Bob,

      Interesting idea. I haven’t tried stacking them, but on paper, it could work. They do work by different methods and will complement each other to a degree. And like you said, the Erase will prevent any excessive estrogen increases.

      However, there is going to be a ceiling to the benefits you get. For example, I got a 43% increase with DAA/Erase, and 38% with BioForge, but I would suspect combining them would give a 50-60% increase for me at best.

      Despite that, I think it’s a stack well worth trying. I would be sure you are using whatever stack you choose for 8 weeks though, so you have elevated test levels over a longer period of time. If you gave me the choice of taking 2 test boosters at the same time for 1 month or taking one after the other for 2 months, I would choose the second option.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m a 58 year old male that’s been on testosterone injections for a little over two years. When I started, my T was at a low of 320. I was about ready to go shopping for a pair of spike heels! When I got on the injections within about 5 months I lost about 25 pounds and felt a lot better. Higher energy, but just a little kick in the sexual area. And I was very concerned about that area. In recent years, things in the bedroom had deteriorated drastically. I don’t want to seem like some stud or something, but I could please my wife numerous times in one night and then I could do my thing – it was great. Had been that way since junior high! But, now – even with the injections I’m going down – literally. I haven’t had my T tested but the last time about 6 months ago it was at about 880. The doctor said this was a good reading and wanted me to stay at this level. I did talk him into a very slight increase and did feel a tiny bit of a kick but then it quickly went away. My question is this: Since I’ve been taking T in injections if I stop and switch to these two supplements, could they work for me? Or have I killed the “guys” and they will never work again? Right now I’m paying $20 a week for the injections and the price of these supplements is something that could help me right now (no job – on insurance, trying to get a new business off the ground). Thanks for reading all these ramblings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry to hear of your troubles.

      It is possible that test boosters may be able to produce comparable results to your T injections. As long as everything in the “guys” is still working, the Leydig cells in your testes should be capable of producing testosterone when they are stimulated by these supplements.

      What I’m finding interesting, however, is that you are having sexual problems (which I’m assuming is ED) despite a test reading of 880 ng/dl! That’s a more than sufficient reading, you would probably beat out most 20 somethings and maybe even a few teenagers with that level. It makes me wonder if the problems lie elsewhere.

      High estrogen or prolactin hormone levels could be at fault, and often manifest with sexual symptoms. It may also be possible that you have too much SHBG, which is preventing the testosterone from being freed into your body. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know which of these, if any of them, is responsible for your issues. Your doctor can test for all of these levels and see if one of them is out of whack. On the bright side, natural supplements can be used to treat any of these issues. High estrogen can be lowered with an aromatase inhibitor (AI) like PES Erase, high prolactin can be lowered with L-Dopa, and SHBG can be lowered using a nettle root or tongkat ali extract. Activate Xtreme includes L-Dopa and nettle root in its formula while still doing an admirable job of raising testosterone, though it does not raise test as much as D-Aspartic Acid in my experience.

      If the problem is bloodflow related, a different approach is required. Of course, the most common solution is to use a PDE5 inhibitor like Viagra. I haven’t experimented much with natural supplements in this area, but I doubt anything is going to be as strong as the Rx stuff.

      Bit of a long-winded response on my part, but I hope you found some useful information in it. Best of luck and feel free to ask any more questions you may have. Please update me if you find a solution to your problem.

    • marc says:

      Along with this stack, Try ZMA and Arginine/Ornithine 2000mg (vitamin shoppe brand is great, I take 4 caps) before bed. I can’t pee for 30 minutes every morning because it would hit the ceiling!

  3. Chris says:

    I have never done a stack like this and was wondering if a post cycle would be required. I did a PH stack before had great results…. and it did require a post cycle.

    Thank you in advance for your time, and assistance

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris,

      No, unlike prohormones or steroids, you do not require post cycle therapy with any of the products listed on this site. However, I do recommend you stick to the label recommendations for 8 week cycle lengths with 4 week breaks in between.

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks for the writeup! It was great to read an review with actual numbers in addition to impressions! I’m going to try this to counter the negative effects of metformin(lower Testosterone, attenuated muscle synthesis)

  5. v1x1 says:

    Great advice for Natural bodybuilders out there – I myself am currently on the daa and erase stack cycle and it’s working great for me – better than pink magic which is good but expensive – I will be adding powerfull by usp labs to this stack to increase GH and lower prolactin :) will look into the nettle root would be amazing if we could get all these herbs in free form and get the best value per serving out of it.

    Have you tried powerfull? I reckon with a good combination of natural test boosting supps great gains can be gained and kept for longer than ph or even steroids – as in theory you can only keep gains in ratio to testosterone levels right? A consistant one at that too!

    Thanks for the advice and this is a great site helped me with my decision and saved me around £30 that’s around 50 dollars to my stack.

    Cheers bud!

    • admin says:

      Hi vix,

      I like powerfull, but I’m not sure how much you will see when stacked with the test boosters. It might help to stave off any potential prolactin increase, though that’s not likely to be a problem unless you intend to use test boosters past their recommended cycle length (8 weeks). The biggest reason I take powerfull is because it gives me flat out amazing quality sleep regardless of how many hours I actually end up sleeping.

      Speaking of long cycles of natural test boosters, it’s difficult to say. Theoretically, it may be possible, but the body is also likely to adjust. For example, most test boosters, including DAA, end up stimulating LH to signal testosterone production. Doing so continuously for too long could cause the body to desensitize itself to the stimulation and as a result, stop creating the additional testosterone. And like I mentioned before, changing your hormone levels for too long could cause others (like prolactin) to go out of whack.

      It presents less risks to simply run an 8 week on – 4 week off cycle to ensure no unwelcome side effects and to ensure the product gives a strong effect everytime you take it.

      • v1x1 says:

        Yep I agree 8 week cycle on then 4 weeks off id best to keep the body’s own natural means via its own resources to produce the testosterone it needs – Simply put test boosters are great purely because it does not shut you down at all, unlike steroids or PH (although I am not grilling anybody who uses steroids or pro-hormones as it still takes a lot of work to see results training and diet still needs to be spot on) despite the artificial test increasing drugs there are benefit to risk ratio’s which much way out natural test boosters – this is the main reason I chose to do a DAA and erase cycle instead. will I keep more gains naturally? I would think so since he body will adapt easier – the question is does PCT really help keep gains? and for how long exactly? would the user need to go back on the steroids or PH?

        again just trying to find out more knowledge on this subject and I think we all know using supplements to correct dosages are better than abusing them.

        still looking for more natural means to push test to good limits and hopefully get some bloodwork – triazole and activate xtreme could be an option but pricey although testosterone headquarters helped me to a great sub if not better and cheaper DAA and erase.

        cheers again

        • admin says:

          Well, I don’t have any first-hand experience with prohormones or steroids, but I have researched it and do know guys who use them. I will see about talking to them and getting their input on your questions.

          Back to the natural arena, I think DAA + Erase is better than triazole and activate xtreme (which is apparently backordered on when it comes to testosterone and physique-building. Where AX has the edge is that it includes ingredients that will give a more well-rounded response, whereas DAA is like a hammer that just brute-forces your total test through the roof. I’ve found that well-rounded response is good for giving side-benefits like better sleep and mood support. If that is what you are looking for in addition to a strong test booster, I think BioForge does what Activate Xtreme does much better. I do like going on cycles of BioForge from time to time exactly because of those pleasant side-benefits and to give the body a little change of pace in the test boosting department.

          A product I’ve just started on now is Core Test. It’s got a full dose of DAA, 3-7 keto DHEA (PES Erase), along with a decent dose of Vitamin D and a very healthy dose of Forskolin, which is a pretty decent test booster on it’s own and does some other things well too. And all of this in pill form, so it’s very convenient. I’m still a couple weeks away away from getting bloodwork done, but it has kicked in very quickly. It feels like a DAA+Erase cycle with a little extra kick, so I’m really looking forward to seeing my results in the next few weeks. It’s a bit more expensive than DAA+Erase, but it’s more than a fair price and still well cheaper than AX+Triazole. And you also get free shipping (as of right now anyway), so that basically makes it $6 cheaper than the listed price.

  6. Stavros says:

    Hello man . Do you believe it is safe to take DAA without cycling it ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Stavros,

      I would really recommend sticking to the 8 week on – 4 week off cycle. As I mentioned to v1x1, DAA (or most any other test booster) taken for too long will probably cause the body to adjust itself to it and stop producing results.

      It could also result in other hormone levels becoming to high or too low, so it’s simply best to adhere to cycling, ideally with the standard 8 week on – 4 week off protocol.

  7. takrawchamp says:

    Hello there, I am supplementing L-carnitine, CLA, cortisol blocker, BCAA, and Kre-Alkalin. I was just wondering which supplement should I drop when I am on DAA and erase? Any advice would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hello takrawchamp,

      I would probably drop the cortisol blocker as Erase has cortisol blocking properties itself and you don’t want your cortisol to go too low. The other supplements can stay as long as you are seeing results with them.

      Looking at your list, another supplement you may want to try in the future is Beta-Alanine. It is a staple supplement for me, along with creatine, just helps you pump more reps of more weight than you can without it.

      • takrawchamp says:

        Thanks for the advice! I am a true hard gainer been sitting on 155 lbs, 12% body fat, and 15.5in fairly ripped arms for the last 2 years. hopefully these stacks won’t dissappoint. Im not greedy, all I want is another 5 to 8 pnds of clean lean muscle in the next 3 months, maybe I can finally get my little mean lean 16.5 inch arms that I always wanted.

  8. San says:

    Great, great site and advice. This was exactly what I was looking for. Love the way you explain it and add your own well-written review and test results, blood work included. Awesome.

    Keep us posted on the “Core Test” product..!

    Best of luck and lots of gain, thanks again.

    • admin says:

      Hi San,

      Thanks. Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing more about Core Test real soon, currently waiting on my bloodwork results.

  9. Usertron says:

    Hello, I found your article very informational thanks. I am 34 years old and have taken a few years off of working out religiously. I am in pretty good shape still but since I am getting older I have noticed how much harder it is to gain and keep muscle especially toned. Most people I know are using anabolic steroids which they shoot up or pill pop. Its pretty rampant around here.

    My question is obviously safety and also I used to take substrate solutions Pro hormones andodiol pills before they took them off the shelf at vitamin world years back and I believe that have me a little gyno in my pecks. Not too noticeable but I can def see it. Will the PES erase also help with getting rid of that? I am not ripped anymore but I heard loosing a few pounds also helps. I know practically nothing and I am a little reluctant to take anything but protien. Any words of advice?

    Thank You again for your write up!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Usertron,

      I’ve been there. A lot of guys at my gym openly discusses steroids and the various things they are taking, safe natural supplements hardly get any play at all. For me, health is far more important and I do my fair share of safety research on PubMed and databases like it before taking anything new.

      As for your gyno, it is possible Erase might help depending on how minor it is. For some people it does wonders, for some it doesn’t. I’ve seen nothing to make me think Erase isn’t safe if you take it as directed. If nothing improves, you might need to talk to a doctor and discuss pharmaceutical strength treatment.

      As you mentioned, losing a few pounds can also often make a big difference. I’m not sure what kind of shape you are in, but try a fat loss regime (frequent cardio – I’m a fan of HIIT – and a caloric deficit diet) in addition to the Erase. It might even help you get some of that tone back.

      Gaining is a different challenge and varies from person to person. Myself, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always needed to go fairly big on calories and accept some of the inevitable fat gain if I wanted to build more muscle. The test boosters like DAA seemed to help my body use those calories better and might be something for you to try in the future.

  10. Ian says:

    I have a quick question i am excited to try this mix i have used daa products before. My question is PES ERASE makes a new version it is pretty much the same thing but down to one pill instead.

    Serving Size 1 Capsule
    Servings Per Container 30

    Amount Per Serving % DV

    High Affinity Al 75.00 mg **

    Androsta-35-diene-717-dione **

    Dual Phase Modulation Matrix 500.00 mg **

    Site Inhibator Boerhaavia Diffusa (Root) Extract **

    In Situ Inhibitor Euonymus Alatus (Bark) Extract **

    ** Daily Value (DV) not established

    So i looks to me that they reduced everything down to pne pill but pro has the dual phase Modulation matrix idk what that is or if i could use this with daa. Is is safest to do just the regular pes erase

    • admin says:

      Hi Ian,

      I haven’t run Erase Pro yet, though I will admit it looks great if it does what it claims.

      The 3-7 keto (Androsta-35-diene-717-dione) does it’s job well. It blocks the aromatase enzyme from converting androgens to estrogens.

      The Modulation Matrix takes things a step further and works on the estrogen receptors themselves. Effectively, this should make the anti-estrogen capabilties a bit stronger than normal Erase and might provide some other benefits as well than you would get from taking just regular Erase.

      Safety-wise, there is really no difference, both have nothing to suggest they are dangerous if used as directed. Erase Pro introduces a couple new mechanisms of action to do the job better. I’m not sure whether it’s worth the significantly higher cost. I would probably suggest you try the original Erase if you haven’t tried it before and than try Erase Pro sometime in the future and see what you think.

  11. ian says:

    Thanks so much for your response. I will just try the regular pes first. Thanks again

  12. Usertron says:

    I received my D aspartic acid but can’t seem to find a way to measure out 3 grams or convert it to teaspoons etc..

  13. Usertron says:

    Received my D aspartic acid Actually found the scooper do I fill it to the top or to the plastic lip thats a little over halfway up? it doesn’t say on it. Package just says 1 scoop. Sorry to bother you I just want to be exact with this stuff.

    • admin says:

      Hey Usertron,

      It’s not problem at all. Just fill it to the top, make it a level scoop and not a heaping scoop though. It should be pretty close to the 3g dose.

  14. karen says:

    Hi , I am a 45 year old woman, I workout regularly at the gym but have only this year started to get serious with a personal trainer. I am finding it difficult to trim down as much as I would like and even more difficult to gain more lean muscle mass.
    I was thinking about taking DHEA & DAA as a supplement but DHEA is banned in Australia where I live.
    I then thought about the D Aspartic Acid and Pes Erase after reading about it on your site, can you tell me if it is safe for women to take these supplements or should I be looking at a different approach.

    • admin says:

      Hey Karen,

      D-Aspartic Acid is not effective in women since it works to stimulate luteinzing hormone (LH). While LH stimulates production of testosterone in men, it’s role in women is to regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

      Erase can be effective in women, and I know some women who have tried and liked it, but neither the company (PES) nor I recommend it to most women unless you understand all the potential side effects of messing with your testosterone:estrogen balance. If you decide to chance it anyway, I wouldn’t try more than 25 mg / day dose to start (1 pill).

      Instead, I might recommend you try BioForge. I’m a big fan of it and the manufacturer claims it is safe and effective for women to use. In fact, I have read many females do well with just 2 caps of BioForge / day rather than the regular 3 pill / day dose so you may end up with better bang for your buck.

      Another option, although I haven’t tried it yet (but will soon), is PES Anabeta. It is non-hormonal but claims to produce the same benefits as you would receive from test boosters. The company (PES) also says it is safe and effective for women to use.

      As for the notorious Australian customs, I really can’t speak from personal experience, but I have seen people get BioForge, Erase, and Anabeta inspected and cleared in the past.

      Good Luck!

      • karen says:

        HI There,
        Thank you so much for your reply, you have answered my question and given me something to think about.
        Kind Regards

  15. Show says:

    Hi, I took your suggestion and will be stacking these two products. DAA instructions are easy enough, but I can’t find anywhere that let’s you know when to take erase. I plan to take the scoop of DAA at 10am. Given that, what are the other times I should take erase? It should also be noted that I go tosleep at around 1-2am.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Show says:

      I forgot to also add that I train at around 7pm, m/t/th/f.

    • admin says:

      Hey Show,

      Erase is pretty simple to dose as well. Erase should be taken 3 times a day:

      1) First thing in the morning
      2) 6-8 Hours after your first dose
      3) Before bed

      For best results, you should take Erase on an empty stomach (approximately 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal).

      If you experience joint pain, taper down to 2 doses of Erase per day, 1 first thing in the morning and the second 8 hours after the first dose.

      I hope you enjoy the DAA/Erase stack!

      • Show says:

        Thanks a lot! I guess I took it incorrectly since I thought it was taken with food like the DAA. I’ll fix that today and see how this goes.

  16. Jake says:

    What do you think about stacking DAA, Erase, and Animal’s Get Jacked Stak?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jake,

      Animal Stak is a decent product and could add a little something to DAA and Erase if you already have it on hand. However, I would go with something a bit more specialized than Animal Stak which tries to do a little of everything.

      If you already have the DAA and Erase, I would get Activate Xtreme. It is a great complement to DAA+Erase as the Divanil in AX will free up more of the testosterone created by DAA than you would otherwise, while the L-Dopa will protect against any prolactin increase.

      If you don’t have the DAA+Erase yet, you might want to consider Core TEST, which is an all-in-one product with a full dose of DAA, Erase, Forskolin, and vitamin D included. The addition of Forskolin gives a nice extra kick to the DAA+Erase and a healthy dose of vit D can always be appreciated. I’m actually in the process of writing the review for Core TEST so it will be on the site in the coming days.

      • San says:

        Awesome….very much looking forward to your review on CORE TEST. I bought two bottles, and am ready to roll with them. If you want me to report my findings to you, let me know exactly what you want me to measure, write-up, etc.

        • admin says:

          Hi San,

          Nice! You are going to love the run. I would love for you to follow-up with your experience with it, and I should have my Core TEST review up this week so you can post it there. As for specific things to measure, if you want to get bloodwork, I’d love to see it, but I would be fine with just hearing how it worked for you. I’m not sure if you have taken DAA/Erase before, but I am interested in what others think of Core TEST compared to the DAA/Erase stack. Me, I think it takes it up a notch and is well worth the extra cost, but it can’t hurt to hear some more opinions.

          • San says:

            Will certainly post. Waiting for a good time to start the first cycle (8 weeks) as I am going on holiday in about 10 days, so want to start oktober 1 and have a clean run with Core Test and no interruptions in my diet and training regimen. Will consider bloodwork, as that is the ultimate proof. Can you let me know what specific elements you usually get tested?

            I have not tried DAA/Erase, might try that after my Core Test cycle. But if Core Test rocks, I won’t switch easily :)

            Cheers, San.

          • admin says:

            Hey San,

            If When Core TEST rocks, you will be hard pressed to stop using it, let alone try something else. Though keep in mind Core TEST is DAA/Erase with some extras, so switching to DAA/Erase is just about seeing how much those extras actually did for you. We all respond a bit differently after all. No sense in paying more for the same results. But I have no doubt you are really going to enjoy this run.

            As for bloodwork, the core elements for your interests are Total Testosterone and Estradiol, which is the dominant estrogen hormone. Estriadol is a nice way to measure how well products like Erase have done their job, while the purpose of the total testosterone test is self-explanatory. Don’t forget though, for your test to have any context, you need to take it before and after you start Core TEST. If you have had testosterone/estradiol tested for recently, you could assume that is your baseline level and ignore the before test, though that will give you a little less accurate results.

  17. Rob says:

    Any history or thoughts of erase pro Daa anabeta elite combo for older lifters over 50 being beneficial ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rob,

      I am not quite in your age bracket, but I have friends who are that have used both erase and DAA and had nothing but good things to say about it.

      As for AnaBeta, I haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to doing so. I know, like most herbals, that there are some non-responders, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for most older lifters.

      As for stacking them all, it should work damn well, but I wouldn’t take them all at once if you’ve never taken any of them before. I would introduce the anabeta a few weeks after the erase/DAA or vice-versa so I could see which products are doing what.

  18. Brandon says:

    I am currently in my second week of running the DAA/Erase stack but was thinking about adding another compound in weeks 3-8. I’ve read that Endosurge is a good stack with these two. Any suggestions? And how does Endosurge compare to Activate? Your insight is greatly appreciated.



    • admin says:

      Hi Brandon,

      I hope you are enjoying DAA/Erase. You can’t really do better than EndoSurge or Activate Xtreme to stack with DAA/Erase. Perfect complement. As I said in another comment, “the Divanil in AX will free up more of the testosterone created by DAA than you would otherwise, while the L-Dopa will protect against any prolactin increase.”

      As for AX vs EndoSurge, it’s hard to give an exact comparison since AX is a proprietary formula. They are very similar formulas, based mainly on Divanil and L-Dopa. Assuming they contain relatively similar amounts of Divanil and L-Dopa, Activate includes some nice extras like vit D, maca root, and a small dose of an anti-estrogen, all of which are solid additions that will help you out as well. I think vit D is important enough that I’m nearly always taking it and I love adaptogens in general (maca root included), so I think the additional cost, with Activate Xtreme being $37 rather than EndoSurge’s $30, is worth it.

      • Brandon says:

        Thanks, you are a wealth of knowledge! Someone pushing the natural test boosters who actually knows what they’re talking about is a nice change. Thx

        • Brandon says:

          Sorry, one more question pertaining to Activate. You recommend 3 caps spread throughout the day, but the directions recommend 2 caps two to three times a day. Is 3 caps a day sufficient when stacking with DAA/Erase? How would you dose?


          • admin says:

            Hey Brandon,

            Thanks for the complement. As for Activate dosing, you’ve actually managed to catch a typo in my review, thanks for pointing it out. Meant to say it just how the bottle says, 2 caps 2 times per day. Just fixed it. I would recommend the full 4 cap dose while you are on DAA/Erase.

  19. Mos says:

    Would stacking Core TEST with an EC stack be helpfull? I am concerned about keeping it tight around the waist. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hey Mos,

      Short version: Yes, stacking Core TEST with EC is a very good idea. Highly recommended.

      Long version: The elevated testosterone will help you with mood support and energy so you can keep your workout intensity up. In addition, you’ll want to be minimizing muscle loss, which Core TEST will help you do from the test boosting as well as the cortisol control from the Erase. Core TEST is also a good fit over just DAA/Erase since Forskolin not only boosts how well DAA works, but it promotes lipolysis (fat burning) and has been used in cutting stacks for quite some time. And to top it all off, vitamin D supplementation has been shown to promote fat loss.

      • Mos says:

        Thanks for all the great advice! I just had one more question. What do you think about adding Kre-Alkalyn to the Core Test/EC stack? I just thought it would be a good idea for an added energy boost.


        • admin says:

          Interesting question. I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed any added energy from any forms of creatine. Improved performance, certainly, and with some forms, drastically increased pumps (Creatine Nitrate especially, insane stuff), but nothing much else of note, so I just stick to monohydrate. But I am basically always on creatine and beta-alanine, staples for me, so by all means, if Kre-Alk is your preferred form, go for it.

          As for looking for a non-stim energy boost, less is more sometimes, that way you can actually get a feel for how Core TEST is working for you without stacking too many new supps on top of it. If you feel like you need something extra, I think ALCAR is nice for that, good non-stimulant focus enhancer/energy supplement.

  20. Mike says:

    Hi, great website and very informative. I’m very interested in Core Test. Are you close to posting your review? Also, is there a best time to take it especially on workout days? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      I appreciate the kind words, it means a lot that you guys are finding this stuff helpful.

      I just wanted to let you know that I have posted my Core Test review.

      As for dosing, there isn’t a best time to take them, since the pills work over time to raise testosterone and don’t possess any acute effects.

  21. Brandon says:

    Hi, taking the DAA/Erase stack. One of the sides I’m experiencing is a constant feeling of being hot and heavy sweaty, which is fine while working out, but sucks when out in public. Also I’m a little puffy in the eyelids. Is this normal?

    • admin says:

      Hey Brandon,

      I’m not a big sweater in general, so it may be why I didn’t notice what you are seeing. However, some studies have indicated that testosterone is linked to sweating (and therefore higher body temp), so it does make sense, and I have seen some people with high testosterone mention this in the past as well. On the bright side, it does indicate that DAA is doing what it supposed to as far as test goes.

      As for the puffiness, are you talking about under the eyes? If so, that is likely due to water retention, which can happen with high test (and therefore DAA) although Erase usually takes care of it. It may be that you require a higher dose of Erase, though if your joints begin to feel sore/dry, that means you are taking too much Erase. I expect it to be a temporary side that will go away once you are off DAA and your body returns to baseline though. Do you have any other areas that show some bloating/high fluid retention levels?

      I hope you are getting the results to push through the inconveniences though. If they are proving a bit too annoying, you could also try dialing back the DAA dose a bit. After a few days, the reduced dose should lower the amount of test increase you are getting, mitigating the side effects to a degree. In the end, while there are standardized dosing protocols, we are all wired up a little bit different, so a little tweaking may be in order.

  22. Brandon says:

    Thanks, I did stop the DAA but got a good month out of it. Looking back I should have upped the Erase because at 3 caps I had no joint issues. Im continuing Erase for a few weeks to insure no estrogen sides. All puffiness has subsided and I’m no longer sweating, which leads me to believe it was the DAA. I’m gonna take a month or two off and hit it again. I think next run Ill know what to expect. I did have some solid gains. Some noticeable size and definite strength gains. I might give Core Test a try on the next one.

    Thanks for the help.

    • admin says:

      No problem Brandon, I’m just sorry to hear you had some annoying sides, though it’s encouraging you still saw results. I would definitely give it another shot, be it with DAA+Erase or Core Test, with some tweaking of the dosages and see how that goes. I just posted my Core Test review so feel free to give that a read.

      As an aside though, if you see problems on your next run or want to try a different approach, don’t forget about BioForge. Since it’s mechanisms of action are different than D-Aspartic Acid, you might find you take it to much better and although your test won’t boost up quite as high, you’ll still feel it working and get results from it if your experience is anything like mine.

  23. Bling says:

    Hey this entire webpage has been very very helpful and I really appreciate it. I’m about to try Erase alone (not gonna mess with DAA) to hopefully reverse what I think were side effects of using DHEA 2 yrs ago at age 29 (I’m now 31); in particular unusual weight gain (I believe) and maybe fluid retention. Actually though I really mainly want to use it for the cortisol-lowering effects, as I have lots of issues with cortisol and weight control (admittedly my own “diagnosis” but I’m pretty sure about it), difficulty keeping muscle and I guess stress too.

    First of all, would u say Erase is a good bet for reversing DHEA side effects (especially 2 yrs later), and moreso for helping with cortisol/HPTA axis issues?

    And second, my greatest fear with Erase is what happens AFTER I stop using it, assuming it helps with weight loss, etc. Although PES says no PCT is required, I fear some kind of hormonal “rebound” -of cortisol and estrogen- with consequent weight re-gain and maybe even more gain, plus more difficulty being anabolic. How would u recommend avoiding such a “rebound” off-cycle? Perhaps a smaller dose (say 1 pill or max 2) than recommended?

    Thanks a lot for the help!


    • admin says:

      Hey Bling,

      Quite a question. It’s unusual for there to be too many lingering side effects from DHEA if taken at a reasonable dose. Have you considered getting a hormone/blood panel done? Self-diagnosis is all well and good, and your symptoms seem to fit with some kind of hormone imbalance, but it’s a lot easier to pin something down if you can actually look at the numbers.

      As for Erase, it’s a great anti-estrogen, but while it’s anti-cortisol effects are good, it’s certainly not intended to correct a systemic cortisol issue. A product I like when focusing primarily on cortisol is Lean Xtreme by Driven Sports (which is unfortunately out of stock until the beginning of November). It’s difficult to say which would be better for your purposes since without bloodwork, it’s a lot of guesswork. Perhaps you could use the time until LX is back in stock to get a blood panel done? Or alternatively, you could run Erase for a month, see if you notice a change, and then run Lean Xtreme afterwards depending on how Erase works for you.

      As for rebound, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Erase is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, as opposed to a competitive inhibitor, which means your body will need to synthesize the aromatase again when you come off it, giving you a natural gradual rebuild of estrogen. If it were a competitive inhibitor, then I would be recommending tapering your doses to avoid a rebound. I have taken Erase solo at full dose, and there weren’t any issues coming off it.

  24. Bling says:

    Thanks for the thought! Yes, since I already have the Erase in my possession I guess I’ll go ahead and try it out -probably at lower doses- and see what that does . ACtually what you’ve said about DHEA not likely to have such lingering effects, I have to admit I’ve received that same or similar responses elsewhere. It’s just that I can’t explain why I had gained so muich weight at the time -and why it’s so hard to LOSE it despite continuing an active lifestyle and generally watching (at least trying, not perfect by any means) what I eat.

    I just hope ERase at least STARTS the process somewhat, and then motivates me toward more changes. I’ve heard of Lean Extreme being recommended for help with Cortisol -I might try that one too day. Do you know of any others that may help with cortisol/HPTA issues?

    Thanks again!


    • admin says:

      Hey Bling,

      There are some other good cortisol products out there, but I do strongly recommend you give Lean Xtreme a shot after your cycle of Erase. It’s a comprehensive systemic cortisol control product, with 3 different ingredients (7-OH, 5-AT, and PS) hitting completely different cortisol control pathways. But what really takes it over the top for you is that the GTE and Forskolin hit other lipolysis (fat loss) pathways, including those relating to your HPTA axis and thyroid, which DHEA is known to affect.

      Another approach that might work for you is localized (topical) cortisol control using something like Abliderate Advanced.

      Of course, cortisol might not be the chief problem. I noticed in your earlier post that you didn’t want to mess with DAA. That does strike me as curious since DAA is a damn effective HPTA axis up-regulator. It increases GnRH, which increases LH (and FSH), thereby activating the testosterone production process (which thereby triggers the estrogen conversion process). Low testosterone can result in weight troubles and could also be contributing to your problems.

      Like I said in my earlier reply, a hormone panel will really help you pin this down.

      • Bling says:

        Thanks again man. Based on your own recommedations an what I’ve read on it I think I WILL give LeanXtreme a stry -I would even have sent back my Erase (if possible) and ordered LX now if it were available – I hope you let us know when it’s back in stock.
        Yeah the reason I shy away from DAA is, like you said, it increases the Estro conversion. So even though yes, taking Erase should help with that, I’m still very “cautious” with that. But since you’ve described it as something that should actually help the HPTA then I guess I’ll need to give it a second look one day…..

        I’ve done hormone tests before for DHEA, Test and Estradiol; I can’t quite remember the results, but I think they were “within range” or “ok” from a “clinical” or rather “statistical” point of view… other words, I don’t believe the levels were “optimal”. (I had seen a Nurse Practitioner at my University’s campus; haven’t had the results looked at by an MD per se though). I hope Erase will do SOMETHING good for me and it’s not a complete waste of money -and then I can try LX. And *maybe* one day I try DAA….

        Thanks again for the work you’re doing here!


        • admin says:

          That’s unfortunate that the tests didn’t reveal anything.

          As for Erase, I don’t think it’s a waste of money at all. It’s going to be changing/affecting your cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone levels to some extent. Hopefully, you experience some kind of alleviation of symptoms as those changes happen. As for LX, I believe the ETA is 11/1, but I’ll reply to this post when it is officially in stock.

  25. Shawn says:

    I really appreciate your postings, as they seem to be well educated. I am a 33 year old male, that has begun working out again and have been very into it for the last 3 months. I am making very good gains quickly. However, I am of course intrigued by some of the supplements avaliable. I landed on your site and after some reading I bought daa and pes. Should I wait to use them until I have been working out for a longer period of time? Shawn

    • admin says:

      Hey Shawn,

      Glad to see the return to fitness is working out for you. The prime suggestion I give towards new lifters if that they have their fundamentals (diet and exercise) in place before pursuing supplements. If you’re confident you’ve ironed out those aspects, I don’t see why you can’t go right ahead and give DAA/Erase a shot now since you can always benefit from increased testosterone. Even with your current gains, you might notice more energy, better recovery, maybe even a greater rate of gains. You can also wait longer (until you reach some kind of plateau), but there’s no reason you can’t use PES and DAA again once you hit that point.

  26. RL92 says:

    Hey, quick question! Soooooo 3g of DAA with the first meal of the day and 3 PES Erase capsules throughout the day right? As in both supplements together everyday for 30 days, correct? I just ordered both supplements and I am eager to try this ASAP!

  27. Toia says:

    I’ve been stacking Activate Extreme and Triazole, and after reading about DAA I added that as well, but I do not seem to get that same feeling now. I am getting a little bit bloated. Do you think I should add Erase for the DAA, since the AX and Triazole are build to supplement each other and put estrogen at a balanced level without the use of DAA?

    • admin says:

      Hi Toia,

      I’m not sure you need Erase as you already have a pretty decent AI on hand with Triazole. Have you tried increasing the Triazole dose? Perhaps another pill will lower the estrogen enough to counteract the bloating?

      If that doesn’t work, you could also lower the DAA dose some so you don’t bloat. Your testosterone level will likely drop some, but it will still be elevated enough to have a good effect, especially considering you are stacking with AX and Triazole.

  28. Wannabe says:

    Hey man,

    I really appreciate your detailed test booster reviews, and I’m learning a ton by reading your Q&As. Question for you: I was reading customer reviews of DAA on another site and one guy recommended taking twice the dosage of DAA. He claimed you can start experiencing the benefits of DAA twice as fast.

    Do you know if there is any legitimacy to this claim? Can you accelerate the benefits of DAA (or, for that matter, increase the benefits) by increasing the dosage? If you do increase the dosage, would you need to shorten the cycle time?

    Thanks for your insights.

    • admin says:

      Hey Wannabe,

      Thanks for the complement. Indeed, taking double the dose of DAA will accelerate how quickly it builds to it’s maximum effect (the maximum effect is the same as if you took the normal dose, it just gets there quicker). It’s akin to the loading phases many creatine users like to do. Basically, the protocol would be taking that double dose for 10 to 20 days and then finishing the cycle on the normal dose. You don’t need to shorten the cycle length time either. For first time users, I like to suggest they keep with normal dosing protocols simply so they can assess how well DAA works for them and whether they experience any adverse effects.

      Nonetheless, it’s not a bad suggestion, and considering the low price of DAA and how short a cycle typically is, it is something that is well worth doing. Do keep in mind that your first month’s supply of DAA will increase from 90-100 g to anywhere between 120-200 g depending on how long you intend to load for. Here is a pretty good deal for 300 g of DAA for less than $20 if you want to try loading it.

  29. Lean_Is_Mean says:

    Hey Boss,

    I had a friend telling me about stacking these two along with animal stak 2. Any thoughts on this?

    • admin says:


      I don’t see a reason for you to add Animal Stak 2 to DAA/Erase. DAA/Erase is already giving you the test boosting, aromatase inhibition, and cortisol inhibition. It’s not going to help those areas much at all or add enough of anything else to make a significant difference. Basically, it tries to do too many things for it’s price, so it doesn’t deliver enough in any one area.

      The product I often recommend stacking with DAA and Erase is Forskolin (which you can find all in one pill with Core Test), which boosts DAA’s mechanism of action as well as helping prevent fat gains during bulks (or help lose weight during cuts). I’ve also got bloodwork to show an increase in testosterone versus just DAA/Erase alone.

      If you are willing to pay a bit more (about as much as the monthly cost of Animal Stak 2), a stack that I think is amazing is Activate Xtreme on top of D-Aspartic Acid and Erase. The hefty L-Dopa dose helps prevent any prolactin related DAA side effects with the main ingredient Divanil turning more of that total test from the DAA to free test.

  30. Scott Pierce says:

    I am 49 years old construction manager that has a 50 acre farm having to work on also. Don’t have the energy or want to do anything and have been listening to all the radio commercials on the low test commercials has gotten me wondering and researching. Would the DAA and Erase be something for me to try or am I looking up the wrong tree.

    • admin says:

      Hi Scott,

      It is possible low testosterone has something to do with your lack of energy. If that is the case, then yes, DAA and Erase can go a long way towards fixing the problem.

      The trouble is your symptoms could also be due to a lot of other causes. Even if you had some of the other symptoms that tend to present themselves if low testosterone, it’s hard to be sure whether testosterone is to blame without getting bloodwork done. So you could either try DAA and Erase and see if your symptoms improve or go to your doctor, get bloodwork done, and proceed from there.

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